Will Rogers Elementary

Will Rogers in the elementary school closest to the Stillwater Church of Christ building. It is home to a diverse group of students with unique demographics. Twenty percent of students have parents who are international students, and 84% of Will Rogers' students qualify for free or reduced lunch die to limited financial circumstances in their families. These circumstances may include single parent homes, extended family gaurdians, homelessness, and communication or cultural challenges. Whatever the cause, the children and the school staff have needs that they cannot meet.

The purpose of this ministry is to show the children, parents, faculty, and staff Jesus through both financial assistance and personal relationships. The initial effort was to provide school supplies for children who could not afford them and classroom supplies/snacks for faculty and staff for the beginning of the school year. The next phase will be to recruit volunteers to assist classroom teachers as they identify needs and to join the Reading Buddies program to assist children who have fallen behind in reading. As relationships are built, more programs will emerge. The ministry is open to any member with a heart to serve children and the school staff.

For more information, contact Debbie Quirey at 580-761-2912 or Paula Lewis at 405-385-0836.