About the Well

Even for those of us who love God and seek to serve him, we sometimes struggle to make our homes places where strong spiritual habits thrive and where vibrant faith grows. This is not just a kid issue, a parent issue or even a new issue; this spiritual issue deserves the entire church's best response. The ministry of "The Well" is one way we are responding to this need.

Physically, The Well is a space where you will find trained people and selected resources intended to encourage the spiritual growth of our entire church body. The Well will also have an eye on all ministries of this church and will seek to encourage participation as a way to grow spiritually. The Well will be open and hosted before and after our gathering times and we will seek to drive traffic to this space for conversations and encouragement regarding spiritual growth and a host of specific family concerns. We will seek to serve individuals, couples, and families and help them make it through rough patches, to anticipate predictable transitions, and to make growth plans to help us all "transform our lives into the likeness of Christ."

In practice, this resource-center will have at least a triple purpose:

  • to equip those that may not need much assistance and just want to browse through materials (self-service);

  • to affirm those that are healthy but need some personal assistance in finding the right resource for the next step(s): and

  • to guide people with other needs to suitable resources and possibly help connect them to those on our ministry staff who can provide appropriate pastoral care.

As this ministry continues to develop toward its launch in early 2018, we will need volunteers willing to join our hosting team. This group of ministry helpers will need to become familiar with the resources and be able to join a rotation as a host for guests who visit The Well. It will be an honor to partner with each volunteer to help create a culture of intentional families.

For more information or to sign on as a volunteer, contact Elisha Stahler or Karen Strande

Family Life Stage Draws

Draws from The Well help you become intentional about building a God-honoring home one step at a time. Each Draw offers insights and resource recommendations for a variety of family season dynamics and special situations.