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Pulpit Minister

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To see our congregation Pulpit Minister Survey Results, download the PDF here:

Reporting Relationship

Report directly to the shepherds.


Prime Objectives

Study God's Word in prayerful preparation for meaningful, relevant, and personal lessons each week, realizing that content and tone of the preacher are the most significant factors in leading the congregation to maturity and the shaping of the congregational spirit.

Utilize insights gained from prayer, study, and collaboration with the elders and congregation to craft the church's vision and be the primary model and communicator of this vision.


Major Duties & Responsibilities

Preaches and teaches the Word of God on Sunday mornings, as well as Sunday and Wednesday evening lessons as determined by the education committee and elders.

Articulates and models the mission and values and theme as established by the elders.

Updates the elders regarding perceived physical and spiritual needs of the church family.

Coordinates with worship leaders to facilitate between the various components of the worship assemble so that members will experience meaningful worship and God will be glorified.


Characteristics & Traits

Must be a married Godly man who encourages, inspires, motivates, and equips the church family by preaching and teaching God's word through biblical applications and family examples.

Must be a good inter-generational communicator who can relate to the church family, individual family members, visitors, and the community.

Must possess excellent leadership skill sets.

"The preaching minister is the face of the congregation. He needs to instill into the Church the love of Jesus while equipping family members with love, acceptance, and encouragement, thus providing a safe place to assemble for all members and visitors."


Additional Roles

Acts as the face of the congregation and should be a dynamic and inspirational speaker.

Supports the spiritual direction of the elders in the sermon topics presented and in matters concerning the flock.

Articulates and models the mission and values as established by the elders.

Understands the importance of and maintains a balance of both biblical teaching and preaching with gospel outreach.

Demonstrates the ability to communicate well with various generational, socioeconomic, and ethnic groups.


Other Duties & Responsibilities May Include:

Supervisory responsibility for office staff.

Leads weekly staff meeting with concentration on team building, collaborative learning, and efficient interaction of ministries.

Attends and actively participates in elder/staff meetings and other meetings as requested.

Coordinates activities of ministerial team, in concert with the administrative elder.

Provides personal consultation to a church family as needed and appropriate.

Keeps elders aware of church family needs as needed and appropriate.

Provides personal Bible studies with those inside and outside of the church family.

Maintains an active presence in community affairs.


Education & Experience

Undergraduate degree is required.

The ideal candidate will have pursued, or is currently pursuing, further study in biblical courses at the graduate level.

Significant experience in preaching from the pulpit.


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