We encourage families to follow these steps every 120 days.

Step 1: Take Appraisal

Assess your intentionality over the last 120 days.

Take appraisal now.

Step 2: Identify Life Season

Identify your family's specific life season. (Use the Family Life Stages below). 

Step 3: Create 120-Day Plan

Create a faith at home plan for the next 120 days.

Family Life Stage Draws

Draws from The Well help you become intentional about building a God-honoring home one step at a time.  Each Draw offers insights and resource recommendations for a variety of family season dynamics and special situations. 

Used Books

The Well's "Best-Of" Resource List

We care about your spiritual growth, the growth of your family, and want to provide you access to a great resource library. You can follow the link and discover specially selected books that support your current Life Stage.  Whether it is marriage, parenting, finances or spiritual growth these resource can help you in your intentionality in the home and are available for checkout in The Well.

Image by Eric Rothermel

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