Global Missions

The missions’ ministry focuses on taking the Gospel of Jesus to every man, woman, and child! Currently we support works in Nairobi, Kenya; Kakinada, India; Chemnitz, Germany, and we are looking to expand! We also sponsor World Bible School and help support domestic and foreign short-term mission trips by church members and members of the UC. In short, we are looking for people from different walks of life to help us share the Gospel by serving in diverse roles such as:

  • Be a liaison to a mission work to help ensure their spiritual and physical needs are met;

  • Conduct Bible classes both virtually and onsite for our mission partners;

  • Coordinate with education committee to equip and train future missionaries;

  • Communicate with people seeking to know Jesus through World Bible School;

  • Help start an outreach program in Oklahoma or elsewhere in the U.S.;

  • Provide expertise with digital media communications, website development, marketing and other materials, fundraising, etc.;

  • Volunteer to use your vacation time or retirement to answer the call of Jesus to seek and save the lost, or to provide training for those on the mission field;

  • Coordinate with benevolence committee to identify and assist with special needs (e.g., emergencies for missionaries and disaster relief);

  • Other opportunities not listed here.

For more information, contact Jim Criswell at 405.880.3190.

Prayer Requests: India

A) Ministries we do - a) TV/Radio abs mass media outreach.

B) Children Home, homeless shelter, leper colony.

C) Village ministry - Preachers and their families.

D) village leadership workshops.

E) we wanted to construct six new church building in six new villages. Each village church is costing us $ 7,000.

F) We will be starting our “Lads-to-Leaders” next year after the COVID. We wanted you to pray for that.

G) we have lost support of $ 1200 per month for the Bible’s this year. We would like the church to pray for that.

H) We have been getting a lot of threats from Hindu government on all the “mission” work we do here. They imposed a fine of $ 7,000 from Delhi to us. We had to pay it this last year. Keep us in your prayers that this government be kind to us.

I) There are 15 preachers who needed financial support in some of the villages. Keep them in your prayers.

J) Each cycle which we give to preachers cost $ 100. We would like to give 1000 cycles to village preachers this year. Please keep that in your prayers.

K) We had 100 students graduated from our “School of Evangelism”. Do pray for this coming year students who are studying in our “School of Evangelism”.

Prayer Requests: Kenya

1. Drought affected families in North Rift and Northern Kenya.

2. Staff and student’s families.

3. The success of November 20th graduation.

4. Pray for the 6 new converts at Nyachenge Church.

Prayer Requests: Germany

Coming Soon!